Russia is in a state of deep crisi

Briefly introduce the current state of Russia and its deep crisis. 

Political Turmoil in Russia – Discuss the political landscape and the challenges it faces. – Highlight the lack of political transparency and suppression of dissent. – Mention the erosion of trust among the Russian populace.

Economic Challenge – Describe the economic downturn in Russia. – Explain the reliance on natural resources and its impact on the economy. – Discuss the fluctuations in global energy prices and international sanctions. – Mention the declining ruble value and rising inflation rates.

Societal Divisions in Russia – Address the societal divisions within the country. – Highlight ethnic tensions and regional disparities. – Discuss the importance of fostering inclusivity and cultural understanding.

Geopolitical Challenge – Explain the geopolitical challenges facing Russia. – Discuss tensions with neighboring countries and strained diplomatic relations. – Highlight conflicts of interest and their impact on Russia's position globally. – Mention the need for a delicate balance between assertiveness and cooperation.