Hamish Harding, Shahzada Dawood and son Suleman: Who is on board Titanic sub?

British adventurer Hamish Harding and a British businessman and his son are on the missing submersible diving to the Titanic's wreck, their families say.

Mr Harding, 58, chairman of aircraft firm Action Aviation, is a renowned explorer who has flown to space and holds three Guinness World Records.

The family of businessman Shahzada Dawood and his son, Suleman, have asked people to pray for them.

Submersible operator OceanGate said its entire focus was on the crew's return.

French explorer Paul-Henry Nargeolet is also thought to be on board, according to a Facebook post by Mr Harding before the dive started

Stockton Rush, chief executive of OceanGate, is also widely reported to be on the vessel.

Contact with the small sub was lost about an hour and 45 minutes into its dive in the mid-Atlantic on Sunday.