21 days chakras healing for reiki healers

21days chakras healing course-

We have learned two levels of Reiki. After learning both levels, we have come to know about two symbols. Cho Ku Rei and Sei Hei Ki. How to practice with these two symbols. In today’s blog post I will share with you. How to draw the symbols Cho Ku Rei and Sei Hei Ki on your hands for the next 21 days. How do you heal your seven chakras healing by meditating for three minutes on every chakras. you have to practice for next 21 days. the best result you will see by yourself.

How to do it, what to take care of. What image should I see while meditating?Which energy has to be optimized. I will share all these things with you.First of all, we learn how we call Reiki healing energy.Will drink a glass of water and sit on your aasan. Any aasan on which we do not touch the ground by sitting on it.You can sit in any position in this.You just have to keep your back straight.There is no rocket science in this.Don’t sit like this.Don’t sit like that. You just have to sit in such a way that you can meditate.

how to call reiki healing energy-

Now we call Reiki healing energy.I am just telling one way you can call any way. With all due respect. With full confidence We have to call Reiki healing energy from this universe. Imagine this energy is spread in the universe. You are calling this energy with full respect.Let me give you an example that I do.You folded both hands. Speak O great Reiki healing energy. Kindly come down from the universe. Support me.For my own healing or for the healing of my patient. You bless me.I bow down to the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul.I salute this Mother Nature. I invite this great Reiki energy on my body.Oh great Reiki Energy. Flow through my Crown Chakra. Energize my Seven Chakra. You spread your hand. And say give energy to the palm of these two hands of mine .was easy.

Next step-Now we will make symbols on the palm of your left hand with the first two fingers of your right hand.and speaking Cho Ku Rei Cho Ku Rei Cho Ku Rei .Have to draw three times and say three times.be clear be clear be clear.imagine you cleaned all the dirt off your hands.And imagine you have a bowl of salt water.or a fire pit in which you threw all the dirt.And remember after completion of reiki healing you have to disconnect the bowl or whatever you have imagined.Now you have cleaned your hands with Cho Ku Rei Now you will draw Cho Ku Rei again.And say thrice establish establish establish.     

Now you will draw cho ku rei again. And say chu ku rei  thrice. establish establish establish. First you cleaned, then you established.now you will draw sie hei ki. three times you have to say sei hei ki.. establish establish establish. draw with the first two figures of your right hand..you have to draw it on both hand one buy one.. you have to do same process with the both hands..start from cho ku rei symbol and second sei hei ki..first clean then establish. and dirt you have to throw on salt bowl. now say thanks to reiki energy.. thank you universal energy for doing me a favor.Now both the palms of your hands are ready for Reiki healing.

protection boby-

Now the first thing you will do is purify your aura.You will put a power cycle in Aura right here cho ku rei. After that you will balance the aura with sie hei ki.then you will lock the aura with the protection wheel.I will tell you this whole process now..cho ku rei  three times.say clean clean clean..cho ku rei three times say..establish establish establish.. now second symbol you have to draw on your body. sie hei ki sie hei ki sei hei ki..three times say..then three times establish establish establish. now you have to lock your aura with the protection chakra. white green red colour you need to imagine.take your one hand upon your head.and with with another hand make full body circle with the first colour white.then make circle with green. then circle with red..clap three times upon your head .now drwa cho ku rei three times and say be safe be safe be safe.you are now in a safe zone.You have to do this work before Reiki healing.I will tell you the use of protection circle in the next blog.But today we are talking about the healing of the seven chakras. Now you are ready for Reiki healing. Cho ku rei in your hand.Your hand is ready, it is in your hand that it is.because you have made only two symbols.In the next blog you can use more symbols and chakras. This kind is not needed now, it will be needed later.you don’t have to think too much about that You know about the seven chakras. Where are they located in the body?What energy do they have? What color are they?How do they work. Which systems do they relate to?You have come to know about the seven chakras now.Now we will know how to heal the seven chakras..how to give the affirmation.To say any kind of things. There is also a guided mediation for this.Which you do meditation by listening to your ears .Any meditation with any words or guided meditation is programmed just to reach you there.The real thing is that we just have to concentrate on all the seven chakras and not to say anything on it.But all this should be in the beginning when you start all this. Because you will have to do this on your own.

how to start reiki healing-

The real thing is that we just have to concentrate on all the seven chakras and not to say anything on it.Now first of all we will focus on your root Chakra.root chakra starts from where our spinal cord ends..You may be there is a seed mantra of every chakras.You can also recite that mantra if you do not understand anything. start reiki healing now.Red color Root Chakra. Healing with great Reiki Energy has started.With the help of Universal Energy I am healing your Root Chakra.Energy flowing through my hands is healing my root chakra.and restoring all the functions associated with the root chakra.All spiritual and physical functions are getting better. Bones are getting stronger.I have a feeling of calmness..I am able to keep myself calm.I am healing myself. I am healing my root chakra.You have to repeat this type of affirmation continuously.because you don’t have the practice to concentrate thereThe day you will practice, it is the root chakra of red color. You are healing it by placing your palm on it.You will not need this type of confirmation later.Maybe a week, maybe two weeks, maybe a couple of monthsdepends on your own capabilities.After this what you have to do. Without removing both the hands. You have to keep your hands on the second chakra(sacral chakra).Healing your Sacral Chakra with the help of great Reiki Energy Healing.Give Affirmation. Reiki Healing Thank you.This orange colored chakra is activating all the functions when it is healed.All spiritual and physical chakras are filled with energy.one by one we have to heal all the chakras.after sacral chakar.solar plexus chakra .heart chakra.throat chakra.third eye chakra.crown chakra.We have to heal each chakra for three minutes.

how to disconnect reiki energy-

After 21 minutes of healing session, you have to disconnect from the energy showered on you by saying thank you.Disconnecting yourself is the most important part of Reiki healing.don’t forget ithow to do that first of all say thanks to reiki to mother nature.After saying all this, Reiki has to be disconnected like Scissor with two index fingers !need to say three times disconnected disconnected disconnected. or you can disconnect with the both of yours two hands.Or will you wash your hands in running water and say disconnect in the disconnect list?This is the way to disconnect, it must be done after the completion of the healing.If you have taken something from universal energy then you can give something to energy like feeding an ant.Or to thank Universal Energy?But whatever work you are doing, everything should be done with intention, as if you can give water to the plant.There will be mistakes in the beginning but don’t let any regret enter your mind.we will meet in next blog.






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